About Us

Hi, I'm Ngan

I’m the CEO and Founder of Cintamani Group.
We are based in downtown Boston and are a company of skilled business strategist and passionate leadership coaches (along with a pretty amazing team for other critical skills that keep the business running!).

We Are Committed

To empowering organizations to achieve their mission and create their vision in the world. A key factor to do this is good leadership and creating the right culture that empowers and unleashes the potential of the people in the organization.

My Background

My background is in the corporate world with over 10 years of experience working at Fortune 100 companies and at McKinsey & Company as a strategy advisor. My passion is people coming together to create something beautiful to inspire and benefit others. That is why I wanted to build a business that help clients achieve their vision in the fastest amount of time, enabling the acceleration and amplified positive effective within their lives, organization, and industry.


During my career, I saw the profound value of good leadership and found the need to create a service that inspire leaders to achieve their next level of potential, the question is how.

As a leader, it’s not only your job to inspire and achieve goals, but also to find solutions and create impact, so I decided to create a company leveraging all available knowledge, including holistic approaches, that enables companies to measure success with a different and more fulfilling metric: the ability to achieve mission and purpose.


Unfortunately, leadership is sometimes only associated to company targets, goals and ROIs, but the truth is, a leader has more influence over productivity and success than a fancy and expensive marketing campaign. Poor leadership could be costing the company more than they know.

To Lead

Is a delicate balance of give and take. People can only give and receive as much as they are, and that is why more than ever, investing in leadership development for an organization is so important.

Revolutionary Leaders

Who embrace their inner power, along with supporting their teams, can transform cultural and corporate barriers to create unimaginable impact and success. A company lead with humanity cultivates change, and true leadership is about what you can bring back to your team, your company, and the world.

Stepping into your power

and challenging yourself every day

Is the only way to create change, and change is exactly what organizations and the world needs.

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