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Hi, I'm Ngan

I’m The executive director of Cintamani Group.
We are based in downtown Boston and are a company of skilled business strategists and passionate advisors (along with a pretty amazing team for other critical skills that keep the business running!).

We Are Committed

To empowering organizations to achieve their mission and create their vision. A key factor to do this is a strong workforce and creating the right environment for acceleration that empowers and unleashes the potential of collaboration and innovation in the workplace.

My Background

My background is in the corporate world with over 10 years of experience working at Fortune 100 companies and at McKinsey & Company as a strategy advisor. My passion is people coming together to create something beautiful to inspire and benefit others. That is why I wanted to build a business that help clients achieve their vision in the fastest amount of time, enabling the acceleration and amplified positive effective within their lives, organization, and industry.


During my career, I saw the profound value of team work and found the need to create a service that inspires people to achieve their next level of potential, the question is how.

Change is inevitable and being good at your game is just not enough because the market and customer expectations change. So what makes a company successful and be able to continuously lead new markets?

It’s not only their current skills and assets, but also their pace of change, learning, and development. A company that is able to lead in this is able to not only keep up with the pace of change but actually drive market disruption.

Connectivity and Collaboration

Unfortunately, fostering acceleration is not yet the focal point when there are so many current priorities to deliver, including company targets, present goals, and annual ROIs. Then there is the question of, what is acceleration and how do you develop it?The truth is, the greatest asset any organization has and the only source of innovation are within the people of the organization. Human potential is limitless and unlocking can significantly increase creativity, innovation, productivity and organizational success. Not investing in continuous development and acceleration could be costing the company more than they know.


Growth is an ongoing process and people are seeking an environment where they can learn and grow at a natural pace. Organizations that can provide this and keep up with their workforce will keep skilled employees.

Collaboration and Technology

When two or more minds come together, there is an amplified impact and ideas can be generated to solve the organization’s challenges. This enables an organization to fully leverage its workforce and continuously grow. Achieving this is a combination of collaboration technology, change management, and workforce development. 

An organization that rapidly grows

unlocking the potential of their people

This is how an organization can rise to the top and thrive.

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