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A revolutionary approach to leadership development and organizational transformation. Recently named one of the top three advanced leadership development programs in the world, is an immersive leadership and personal growth journey that unlocks and unleashes a leader’s full potential so they truly become the best leaders and people they can be.

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The Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Program is an immersive leadership and personal growth journey that unlocks and unleashes a leader’s full potential.


This unique coaching process and mastered blueprint achieves this by igniting and strengthening a leader’s inner-core and outer-core, which enables the leader to realize 4 “game-changing” outcomes that they can leverage as leaders in their business and life: altruism, affiliation, achievement, and abundance (The 4 A’s). The 4 A’s are the seeds to achieving sustained greatness and creating a lasting legacy.


This model has been used by Steve Jobs, and the former legendary CEO of PepsiCo, Roger Enrico, who sought advice after his PepsiCo days in helping him transition to a coach and mentor to young leaders.


This unique, powerful, and game-changing Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching blueprint for success, is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Since 2010, this blueprint, created by John Mattone, the authority on Leadership Coaching, have been used by leading executive and CEOs all over the world to help them become stronger, more effective and vibrant leaders and people.

Return on investment

Proprietary LeaderWatchTM stakeholders to quantify progress against individual development targets ensures a return on investment.

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What Our Clients Say

“I like to define my coaching experience as a nonintrusive journey in self-discovery. It was great to discover my development areas as a leader, but to understand my strengths and how I can use them to potentiate me as a leader. I always prided myself on the strength of the teams I have assembled and surrounding myself with great talent as drivers in achieving good things together. But, having the opportunity for coaching allowed me to get closer to my team. I learned about vulnerability and humbleness and how important they are to demonstrate as the CEO, and how they can impact performance as a team. Today, I can say that we have established a foundation to be great, to face our challenges together, and that we are a much stronger senior team. In Summary, my work has had great results and a huge impact on me, my team and our organization. Simply amazing!!”
Armando Uriegas
CEO-Director General, Nielsen México
“Ngan’s support has been invaluable for my business. She swiftly helped me get clear on the value of my services and how to easily create an offer for maximum income and impact! What’s unique about Ngan is her skills both as a brilliant business strategist and insightful coach that identifies and shifts the internal barriers that keep us stuck. She will take you deep and generate results.”
Rionach Aiken
CEO Non-Profit Organization
“Ngan’s combination of intelligence, wisdom and empathy were a powerful force for teasing out where my life’s purpose intersected with my skills and experience. She was able to understand my business idea as deeply tied to the broader vision for my life, and quickly identified very tangible steps I could take to move forward in a way that honored the commitment I have to stay aligned with my highest purpose. Her insightful, tactical guidance inspired the significant progress I made on my project within days of our coaching session---what a gift”!
Stephanie Owen
CEO and Founder Empathy Academy
“Delivered with an unmatched style, [Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching] impacted me deeply, creating an enduring awareness of my inherent talents which have since been fueling both my personal and professional life.”
Fabio Potenti, MD,
Chief Medical Operations Officer, Cleveland Clinic-Florida
“Your assessments of my effectiveness and then developing a plan to improve my leadership skills based on the results of those assessments were “revealing!” I am much more aware of who I am and how my behavior and delivery impacts people in every communication both in my professional and personal life”
Chris Schartz
Vice President, Ruskin
Why is

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

so extraordinarily effective?

Laser-focusing on understanding the “context” of the coaching assignment and igniting your vision, goals and passion.

The IL Coaching Process uses the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), a powerful “inner-core” assessment that has ignited the leadership development of over 6,000 global leaders including the late Steve Jobs.

The IL Process supplements the MLEI with two other “inner-core” assessments and a proprietary Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360 (STLI-360) and stakeholder interviews, to help leaders accurately identify their leadership strengths and gaps.

Stakeholders and mentors are surveyed every three months, after the ILDP is created, using LeaderWatch™ Mini-Surveys. Clients are held accountable through this process to improve their leadership impact and demonstrate ROI both for the leader and sponsor organization.

The IL Process both ignites and reinforces the value of introspection and making the decision to be vulnerable and, therefore being open to the views and feedback of others, as the key drivers in behavioral change.

Leaders begin by creating and internalizing their Core Purpose Statement (CPS). This enables a clear definition of “the essence” of who the leader is and who they must (bigger than “want”) become. The IL Process then provides leaders with a powerful, proprietary tool, The Assessment-Driven Individual Leadership Planning Tool (ILDP), that enables them to design custom, personalized opportunities for learning and taking new actions, consistent with their core purpose.

What are the benefits?

You will get unparalleled insight into the essence of "who you are" but most importantly you discover the massive potential you possess to become even a stronger leader who brings even greater value to the world, your organization, your team and yourself.

You will get deep insight into what your leadership style is and how to best express it to drive dramatic, breakthrough results for your organization, your team and yourself.

You will understand your leadership strengths and you also learn specific strategies on how to best leverage them in support of your goals and the goals of your organization.

You will learn powerful, actionable, on-the-job techniques, tips and strategies to work on your improvement points.

You will develop a powerful Core Purpose Statement and actionable Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP)—linked to your organizations mission and goals using our proprietary tools and personalized coaching.

You will learn techniques for authentically leveraging the power of your network your stakeholders - managers, peers and employees to help create and shape your Individual Leadership Development Plan, so you can ignite positive action on your part but also build-in support and accountability for your actions.

Steve Jobs learned through the Intelligent Leadership process that his greatest gift – his creativity, artistry and vision - were also at the root of his most critical weaknesses. He learned that under significant pressure he had ineffective tendencies to become self-absorbed, individualistic and would sometimes "withdraw" from conflict rather than meet it head-on. Steve Jobs, while sick and less than one-year from his death, was passionate about changing these negative habits.

Revolutionary leaders 

Leaders embrace their inner power, along with supporting their teams, can transform cultural and corporate barriers to create unimaginable impact and success.

Provide yourself with an advanced leadership development program so that you can achieve your maximum potential to become the best person and leader you can be in order to create your unique impact and expression in the world.

We will provide you the best tools and principles available. Let’s work together and we will be with you every step of the way during your leadership journey.

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