Empowering Organizations To Create The Next Generation of Value in an evolving marketplace

Our SmartUP Business Suite provides the comprehensive elements needed for an organization to assess and adapt in the current situation while simultaneously positioning themselves for growth going forward.

Through our extensive global network of experts, with broad capabilities across the business spectrum and proprietary tools, we have designed a piecewise bouquet of value interventions. This enables customization to your unique business needs and rapid execution. Our focus is on value delivery and only implementing what is necessary to support you in achieving your business goals and the highest return on your investment.

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Supporting business leaders in reimagining and transforming their organization in an uncertain and rapidly changing economy to more efficiently create their vision, better serve their customers, and deliver the next generation of value in their markets.

The challenge

In times of rapid change, the dilemma of staying within the comfort zone of steady growth and safety or venture into the unknown for a chance at something greater becomes more prominent. While our first instinct may be to close in, fight the fires, and wait to weather out the storm in hope that we can go back to how things were. The question is “Would playing safe lead to missing the bus?”

The alternative

While waiting may seem like the safe path, the one that looks clear and known, it may actually be the riskier option because economies and businesses are always moving forward. Those that chose to wait for things to pass, may find themselves in a completely new market once things settle, but now, with an obsolete business model, and by then, it is too late. Every step delayed might actually pull an organization multiple steps behind.

Your opportunity

With any major challenge, the opportunity is massive and businesses that have demonstrated success in rapid digital, cultural, leadership, and strategy transformation have thrived against increasing competition and position themselves to capitalize on future changes.

Leadership development programs

Taking Smart actions

Companies that take smart actions to reposition themselves build massive competitive advantage against their competition . With the rise of the digitally enabled global market we have today, it is possible to create rapid changes with minimal resources, but this requires expertise, not only in digital integration and execution, but being connected to skilled networks, and rapidly building the right culture to support people in a new way of working.

Return on investment

We understand that an important factor in times of rapid change for leaders is prioritizing investments and ensuring cash flow. We are the strategic partners to our clients and our pricing is tied to the ROI of your investment to give you peace of mind in your decision. With this in mind, we offer a staged-wise and connect our fees with ROI.

Digital transformation strategy
Key Elements that ensure time and cost effectiveness

SmartUP Business Suite

what makes us unique is our extensive global network and database of capabilities and tools for rapid execution.
Piecewise offering readily customizable for your unique business needs. Providing seamless integration from ideation to execution, bringing together cutting-edge technology and innovation, people development, transformational practices, and global ecosystems.

Rapid evaluation with currently available digital assessment tools to identify what can and needs to be done while assessing and measuring the current readiness of the organization to navigate through changes.

Identify immediate stabilization needs and action steps for the business while preparing for future transformation work.

Dimensioning and strategic positioning to assess the changing market, new risks as well as opportunities. This identifies and align your strengths in this market to create competitive advantage and a clear go forward strategy. Supporting you in strengthening your core while identifying opportunities to expand in adjacencies and new markets.

Develop a detailed execution and integration plan for your team and can also provide ongoing support to ensure you effectively implement the changes going forward while ensuring a positive ROI.

Benchmark current customer touchpoint and optimize for higher engagement and retention to meet the changing needs and expectations of your customers.

Development of a partnerships and expertise strategy that enables new capacities and better resource utilization. A sound ecosystem strategy is a fast and efficient way to build the essential capability gaps for your organization. These become a channel for new customers and collaborations that are fruitful for everyone.

This supports you in creating a streamlined, predictable, and digitally enabled sales strategy that can provide the efficiency, effectiveness, and predictability needed for business growth.

Assess and implement technology enabled business operations and processes that supports your organization in rapidly identifying efficiencies and implementing new capabilities in a cost-effective way.

Develop an effective people, cultural, and leadership strategy to empower people to be the change agents and buy into the process. We can support you in developing your people and leaders as you move your organization forward.

Provides clear and trackable metrics and ROI at each key step of the elements proposed above for more informed decision making with clear dependencies and impact. This empowers the leadership team with greater visibility while building organizational agility in the long run.

staged execution provides greater clarity for strategy and human-centric transformation while minimizing the risk and upfront investment
Resources are freed up from smart process optimization and resource allocation from what is available in order to move forward to the next stage - ensuring the ROI and payback

Bringing you global expertise 

In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive market, companies that take intelligent actions to reposition themselves build massive competitive advantage against their competition that chose to play it safe.

While a common misconception is that transformation can be a high cost and risky endeavor, that is not always true. With the rise of the digital technology, it is possible to create rapid changes with minimal resources. This requires expertise, not only in integration and execution, but being connected to skilled networks, and rapidly building the right culture to support people in a new way of working.

Cintamani Group is a proud member of SmartUP Global Partners. Through our global network of skilled business leaders and practitioners, we are able to deliver to clients expertise at a fraction of the cost to hire separately or train internally.

Case Studies and What Clients Say

One of the largest Health Insurance Leader in India was looking at an innovative Brand Enhancing Asset (Prior to the COVID 19 onset). We put together a comprehensive strategy to launch a “Freemium Tele-Health” Network for all its Consumers. This entailed playing the lead role in defining the Solution stack, the Talent strategy, the Launch communication and the on-going stickiness plan. This was delivered in quick time and helped the company launch the service prior to COVID, this enabled significant goodwill when the pandemic broke out as call volumes and engagement soared.
Strategy Implementation
Health Insurance, India
“Your support has been invaluable for my business. You swiftly helped me get clear on the value of my services and how to easily create an offer for maximum income and impact! What’s unique about Ngan (SmartUP Global Partner) is her skills both as a brilliant business strategist and insightful coach that identifies and shifts the internal barriers that keep us stuck. She will take you deep and generate results.”
Rionach Aiken
CEO Non-Profit Organization
Strategic intervention for a 44-Year-old group. The focus was to look at significant attrition, despite the strengthening of the referral network and participating in all State and Federal schemes. We “Re-architectured” the organization design, culture, and digital adoption. The portfolio strategy was also sharpened with emphasis on collaborative offerings. Currently in execution mode at this point of time.
Strategic Intervention
Healthcare Group, India
“Your assessments of my effectiveness and then developing a plan to improve my leadership skills based on the results of those assessments were “revealing!” I am much more aware of who I am and how my behavior and delivery impacts people in every communication both in my professional and personal life”
Chris Schartz
Vice President, Ruskin
Re-defined the Branding & Positioning Strategy along with a new Go To Market Path for a 30 Year old Single Specialty Chain. This also involved a digital enabled independent cost out initiative to significantly augment value. The company has since received the term sheet for a total acquisition.
Branding and Repositioning
Specialty Chain, Asia

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We understand that in these uncertain times, executing change and a new strategy may be challenging with current pressing issues. We would love to offer some immediate tools and strategies that can be implemented right away following a complimentary discovery session to better understand your current situation.

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What Are The Benefits

Assess proprietary development tools already available that can be quickly implemented at low cost and tailored to your organization’s needs.

Further strengthen your position in your core market while leveraging your current strengths and assets in adjacent markets to drive more value throughout the value chain.

Step by step execution plan for your team based on your strategic position so you can make the strategy a living reality. This can be done based on your timeline and team capacity, and we can also provide supplemental experts and support at any scale.

Ensures that you are and will continue to serve the changing needs of your customer. Provides greater visibility and understanding of customer engagement so you can determine if and where improvements are needed to better serve your customers in order to drive higher value.

Rapidly assess the current sales strategy with available tools so you get the actionable information needed with a quick turnaround time and less investments.

Metrics to track the elements of our work and execution plan will be developed based on your unique business and industry to provide visibility into outcome, impact, dependencies, and ROI.

Build an adaptive and streamlined organization that enables new ways of doing business, new skills, and greater efficiencies in an environment where cash flow is tight. Being agile in this market is no longer a nice to have but a must have to thrive going forward.

Support your leadership team in developing a cohesive culture and the action steps to integrate it into the organization. Skill up your team for more high value work and ensuring they have the support needed for the next level of digitalized work.

We take pride in a step wise proposal, engagement, and style execution with measurable ROI at every step – what this means is that it is possible to achieve these results without upfront investment and even savings while positioning yourself for greater growth going forward.

begin your acceleration 

Current events have demonstrated how rapidly markets can change. Organizations that build greater agility and efficiencies can thrive through, positioning themselves for even greater success going forward.

Inaction and waiting may be more costly in the long run. A compelling strategic position, a skilled and digitally enabled workforce, led by a strong leadership team, and a highly agile and efficient organization becomes well positioned to continuously achieve massive results in times of change – we would love to be your partner in creating that. Please reach out to us today to begin the conversation.

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